Session 1: Air Quality Impacts

Co-chairs: Nestor Rojas, Vinayak Sinha, and Karn Vohra (ECR)

Ambient Field Studies in Non-Urban Areas

Areas and regions of the world that have not been urbanized provide important insights into natural processes and baseline “unpolluted” conditions of the atmosphere. These could be high-altitude remote sites, the Amazon rainforest, the remote marine atmosphere, the upper troposphere, and uninhabited icy cold regions, to name a few. In this sub-session, we welcome submissions that address air quality impacts on health, vegetation, agriculture, and natural ecosystems.

Ambient Studies in Urban Areas and Indoor Air Quality

Urban and industrial areas generate most of the anthropogenic pollutant emissions to the atmosphere. They also concentrate on the highest exposure to air pollutants and the health risks associated with ambient and indoor air. In this sub-session, we welcome submissions of novel air pollution studies covering pollutant emission sources, pollutant chemical and physical characteristics, and the consequential effects on human health and the environment in areas influenced by urban and industrial activities and indoor environments. We also welcome studies on the effectiveness of mitigation strategies, policy frameworks, and technological innovations designed to address these challenges.

ECR: Early-Career Researcher