Poster Presentation

Poster Guidelines

The size of the printed poster must be A1 (portrait). You will be directed to the display area of posters; boards will be provided. Be available near your posters during the session to present and answer questions about your poster.

The poster should:

  • Include author names and logos of your organisation together with email addresses.
  • Have the background and aim of the work.
  • Include the method.
  • Include the results.
  • Use short bullet points or paragraphs, left-aligned.
  • Have captioned images.
  • Be concise, clear, and relevant.

Tip: Put the URL or QR code of your research on your poster.

Creating an Eye-Catching Poster
  • Avoid clutter.
  • Present the information in various ways, such as text, photos, figures, tables, etc.
  • Contain minimal or no acronyms.

There will be two ways the poster will be presented: 1) in the Gather Town website and 2) the physical poster presentation in the on-site conference sessions. Irrespective of the presentation method, the poster will be uploaded to Gather Town. Information on Gather Town will be provided later.